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Thank You Ford! The Motor Company Donates Thousands of Protective Face Shields Through DonatePPE.org

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You may have heard that Ford Motor Company has pivoted their automobile manufacturing in an effort to create mass quantities of protective face shields for healthcare heroes across the US. Today we're excited to thank them here for partnering with us to supply and ongoing quantity of shields to our hospitals that desperately need them.

"This is HUGE. We will be able to supply hospitals around the Bay Area and Los Angeles," said DonatePPE founder Deyu Kong. Warehouse space to distribute the masks was generously donated by the LA denim brand, Citizens of Humanity. "We are also talking with three organizations in New York to set up a similar distribution plan in that hotspot."

Ford is starting off with a shipment of 3000 face shields to our Bay Area warehouse, and will continue to ship donations to meet the growing demand of hospitals making requests.

"Assembly and production has been facilitated through some amazing volunteers. Last week we were able to produce 25,000 face shields a day, this week it's been about 136,000, and our goal is to get to 200,000 a day," said a spokesperson from Ford. The company's internal name for the project is "Project Apollo." They're hoping to soon move on to producing ventilators.

We're grateful that with their engineering expertise and innovation, new face shields are reaching healthcare workers across the country, to protect those who are protecting us.

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